Industrial Tank Solutions

Industrial Tank Solutions, LLC provides automated or traditional tank cleaning services and tank maintenance.

BLABO® System

The BLABO® system provides automated tank cleaning technology for the refining, pipeline, and terminal sectors of the oil and gas industry.

The BLABO® system is designed for difficult-to-clean tanks, such as:

  • Crude Oil
  • Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO)
  • Heavy Gas Oil (HGO)
  • Ballast Water
  • Catalytic Cracker Residue
  • Slop Oil

The BLABO® system is suitable for fixed roof or floating roof tanks, external or internal.

    BLABO Automated Tank Cleaning Set Up

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    • Non-man entry
    • Inert atmosphere (O2 < 8%), eliminating risk of ignition
    • Injects high purity nitrogen to eliminate risk of explosion
    • Minimal health and safety risk


    • Reduced overall cleaning time
    • Simultaneous separation into oil, water, and solids
    • Closed loop process


    Environmentally Friendly

    • Minimizes emissions of hydrocarbons
    • Minimized waste with 99.9% hydrocarbon recovery


    SNS® Single Nozzle Sweeper

    BLABO® Tank Cleaning System integrates the unique SNS® Nozzles which are specially designed, proven, and tested. Our nozzles ensure a high degree of efficiency with their far-reaching, low-pressure, high-impact jets, which produce a precise 360-degree indexed pattern.

    Two SNS Options

    TE-SNS® Installed via SafeTap® Process

    TE-SNS® Installed via SafeTap® Process

    RL-SNS® Installed Through Sleeves Of Tank Roof Legs

    RL-SNS® Installed through sleeves of the tank roof legs


    • High impact with 105 ft. throw length
    • Hydraulically driven
    • PLC operated and controlled
    • Customizable programming allows operators to target specific areas and/or washing patterns specific to the cleaning needs
    • Proven technology that has been tested worldwide
    • ATEX-Certified
    • Approved for operation in potentially hazardous atmospheres Zone 0/1
    • Nozzle rotation allows ALL inner surfaces of the tank to be cleaned
    • A total of 16 nozzles can be utilized on an individual tank and are placed within 60 ft. of each other to achieve an indexed washing pattern
    SafeTap® Process
    The SafeTap® Process provides safe, fast, and effective method of cold tapping holes in potentially hazardous areas.

    SafeTap® Process is primarily used to cold cut holes in the roof prior to the installation of Top Entry- Single Nozzle Sweeper, also known as TE-SNS®

    The ATEX-certified SafeTap® is a unique tool that provides a safe, fast, and effective method of cold tapping holes in potentially hazardous areas.

    All stages of the tapping process are performed under cold conditions preventing the risk of ignition that occurs when cutting in metal.


    Automated tank cleaning can provide substantial cost savings and recovery benefits for speciality tank cleaning challenges. 

    Learn if automated tank cleaning is the right choice for you. 

    How can automated tank cleaning save my company money?

    Automated tank cleaning with BLABO® Tank Cleaning Systems use sophisticated technology, including the Single Nozzle Sweeper (SNS®) and the SafeTap® Process to clean tanks without manned entry. The technology allows for faster, more complete cleaning. 

    Your company can see savings through recovered product, reduced project time, and reduced labor costs. 

    What are the trade-offs to choosing automated tank cleaning?

    Automated tank cleaning works best for specialty tank cleaning situations where it is difficult to perform traditional tank cleaning. 

    For smaller tank cleaning projects, traditional tank cleaning may be a better choice. Contact us to learn more about our traditional tank cleaning services. 

    Is automated tank cleaning safer than traditional tank cleaning?

    Absolutely. Because the technology performs most of the cleaning and personnel don’t enter the tank until the end of the project, automated tank cleaning is much safer than traditional. 

    Traditional Tank Cleaning

    When tank features or external conditions are not conducive to the use of the BLABO® Tank Cleaning System, Industrial Tank Solutions offers traditional tank cleaning as an alternative.

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